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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Comic Differences (A homework Assignment)

It's 3d here! I have been told to proclaim my opinions of comics and differences between them and graphic novels if there is a difference in my opinion, by my wonderful aunt who could never be replaced by someone and make me as happy as she does! So here we go:

I was given a few "comics" and decided to sort them. I put a few in what I called the "Graphic Novels" section, a few in the "Historical Comics" section, the "Anonymous" section and a few in the "Comics" section. An example of one I put into the graphic novels section is "Blankets" and "Watchmen"
. In comics, I put stuff like "Green Lantern" comics and such. I put "Maus" and such in the "Historical Comics" section. I had a blast doing this. Now, my aunt loved my opinions, but she did not agree with me on the "Blankets" choice. She said she would call it a comic. That was very interesting, and she asked me why I put it in the graphic novel section. I've tried describing why. At first, I thought it was the way it was drawn, but I've seen many different types of drawings that I would still classify under comics. Then I tried the way it was written and I got a bit closer. I believe that comics aren't like novels. I believe that some books classified under novels should be classified under comics, but I don't think that comics are like novels. Comics, I have noticed, have no ending. Every comic I have seen, ends with a cliffhanger. It goes on and on and on. Now, some things I would call comics don't do this. Such as Maus (well, that has a part two, but you know what I mean xD) and other things. Comics have a special thing about them though, that I haven't been able to put my finger on. I'll get back to you when I've got it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Next Chapter

Moving on to the third semester! Just finished my Social Studies, Science (moving on to weather now), and having a Mathathon on Sunday! Currently reading "Animal Farm" which  some people might add is hilarious, and working on a Satire theme paper. Hope it will work out. Practicing themeness which would explain why the special non-theme word is not being used. 
     All-in-all, the Doctor Who Christmas special is incredible, school is great, parents are needed by everyone, and life is awesome.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


       Friendship is a delicate thing. You have to be similar to your partner in at least one way, one screw up could ruin it forever. A thought, a fight, even a word could ruin it.  If you want to keep a friendship, you have to build it up, make it stronger. It’s like an army. Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” has great examples of friendship. A happy book is not very interesting, so Harper added the perfect mix of happy and sad, and love and hate, and these elements add up to friendship.
        Scout once told Jem that she thought there was only one kind of folk. Jem’s response was: “If there’s just one kind of folk, then why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, then why do they go out of their way to despise each other? Scout, I think I’m beginning to understand why Boo Radley’s stayed shut up in the house all this time. It’s because he wants to.”
This is an example of a conversation between Scout and Jem . Their relationship is incredibly interesting. They are brother and sister, they bicker, and yet they’re practically best friends. They rely on each other, and go through so many things together. Jem is older than Scout by about... 4 years and he still goes to her for help. Not many older siblings have the courage to do that.
       Atticus, Ms. Maudie, and Heck Tate seem close.  One of the world’s glories is elderly people telling stories from their childhood. And the stories that can be told by more than one person at the same time are the best. They obviously have also gone through a lot together and I love how they act all secretive about something that the kids asked them and when the kids find out, they talk about those times. It seems as if everyone in Maycomb is somehow related. They rely on each other like Jem and Scout do. They help each other in times of need and thank each other in various manners. Harper Lee might have based this world off a dream world of hers, and it appears that this was her way of telling the world, “Become more like this. Minus the racism.”
         Ms. Maudie, Scout, Dill, and Jem seem to have a little something going on too. Perhaps when their mother died, she felt responsible for them. She keeps them in line and feeds them, the two main jobs of a mother. She kept Scout Company while the boys were off planning on how to get Boo Radley to come out. Then again, she sort of kept her company too. There’s phrase that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”, and when it comes to Jem and Scout’s “raising”, they were raised by a village/town, but there isn’t much of a difference between a village and a town. And most of the time, it was a pretty good town to be raised in.
         Scout and Boo’s relationship is hard to describe. Plus, it’s also long. Confusing, Cute, Touching, and Sweet are less than a third of the words that could describe their friendship. Honestly, it wasn’t really a close friendship. But close has multiple meanings. The close not describing their friendship is what most people would describe as seeing each other everyday and spending lots of time together. Obviously they didn’t see each other more than once, but even a glance can be life changing. It seems as if even though Scout never saw him, they had been friends forever, and Boo had always been watching over her. Sometimes, in order to be close, and keep from bickering, you have to be separated. Even if they weren’t separated, Scout and Boo would probably still be best friends. But they probably had a better chance without each other. One strange thing is that Atticus seemed to have known Boo for a while. This might have been put in there to lure the reader into thinking “outside” the box.
           When Scout meets Boo, all her troubles seem to fade. Sure she’s worried about Jem but she’s probably happier than she is sad. Considering that he just saved her life, she knew to trust him, and she had been dying to get a look at him since she found out about him. So naturally she was excited.
           To Kill a Mockingbird has changed so many people’s lives. It’s also changed their minds. A book on racism isn’t hard to find. But a book on racism, love, friendship, hate, understanding, and other things is almost impossible to find. The brilliant Harper Lee has written one of those books that are impossible to find, and millions of people have written about it. Some didn’t have the choice. Some chose it over endless possibilities. This is a gift. Having the talent to change minds. No one can help but wish that the people from the time in this book, could’ve read it. But we can change time. Scientists are working on it, give them time, but in the meantime, we can change our ways of friendship. The thing is, no one tries. If we give it all that we got, then we can do or change anything. But we have to learn to do it together. And that, my friend, involves friendship.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burger Up! By: Dorothy Dark

 Hello, America! I'm Dorothy Dark, Food Critic for The Darkside/Masenside News. I recently went to Burger Up, a local burger joint at 12 South in Nashville, Tennessee.  If you are in the mood for lunch and you're in Nashville, then you might want to at least consider reading this.
  I was considering what to call Burger Up. It's not necessarily a burger joint. When I think of a burger joint,  I think of greasy burgers and fries. This place is most definitely not greasy. It's probably the most non-burger joint place in the world. But at the same time, it is a burger-joint. It has burgers, but they sure are not greasy.
   I got the regular burger. In order for it to even taste like a burger, I knew I had to scratch the red onions and the DIJON MUSTARD. What kind of burger has dijon mustard and NO ketchup? I was incredibly disappointed by the burger's description. But that didn't mean the burger wasn't good, so with reluctance, I held my ground. I also ordered caesar salad. I like caesar salad a lot, but I was wondering to myself, why does a "burger joint" have caesar salad?
   13 minutes was how long it took to serve me my food. They brought all of it at once. No caesar salad first, I had to choose which to eat first. Of course, I chose caesar salad first, but that burger was just sitting there getting cold. So frustrating! Then I had to use the restroom.
   I stood there for about... 10 minutes because I thought that someone was in there. Then after the time passed, I tried again. I pulled and pulled and finally got it open. No one was ever in there. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Dimly lit, soap dispenser as hard to get soap out of as the door, I hated it in there.
  I finished my salad. I don't think it had anchovies in the sauce, and I could tell that it was most likely not house made. But I must say, the croutons... SUPERB!
  I started on my fries. They were very good too, but not what fries are supposed to be. They were healthy. When I eat fries, I want to taste something unhealthy. That's why I don't eat them often.
  When I moved on to the hamburger I didn't expect much. I was hoping it would at least be greasy. Well, nope. It was quite dry. The only way you could've gotten that burger wet in the slightest bit, was by getting it cooked very rare. The bun was made out of some sort of sweet roll. I didn't like the bun. But it could've been worse. Oh, and worst of all, THEY FORGOT THE CHEESE THAT I ASKED FOR SPECIFICALY!!!!! Other than that the burger was ok.
   Here are some extra observations:

  Good for kids: No! Too crowded, plus too much glass

  Scent: Lemon

  Atmosphere: Happy, Talkative, Friendly

  Volume: Yellow at the traffic light

  Service: With a Smile :)

  Style: Has a modern country feel, lot's of windows, not a place to work, a place to talk

  Lighting: Perfect, Mostly sunlight

  Age Range: Lunch: 20 to 75 yrs./ Dinner: All ages

  Waiters/ Waitress: All younger, nice

  Silverware Setting: Mostly all wrong, knife a little too sharp, knife is with fork on the left

  Extra: Not very accessible for handicap, flowers are dyed with color, eco-friendly

  Feel free to go to Burger Up, it's not too bad, but there are definitely better places.

     By: dorothy dark (food critic for the Darkside/Masenside news)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird! The End o_O!

I'm done! I've been done for quite a while but I only just got to post about it. It may have been the best book I've ever read. I at least know that it's in My Top Five. I'm not so sure about the end though. I am almost postive that Boo Radley stabbed Bob Ewell! There really isn't any other possible explination. I don't want it to be Boo but I am very sure that it was.
  Boo's character on the other hand was magnificently imagined. Joel has come up with the creative assumption that Boo Radley was Autistic. Of course, no one really knew what autism was when the book was written. But it still must have existed, so maybe Harper Lee based him off a person she knew with the diagnosis. Even though she didn't know what his symptoms were.
    This was a great book. It had the perfect mix of genres, it was witty, moving, happy, sad, incredible, funny, and so many other things. I once heard that this one person reads it EVERY summer. I might consider that. It gave me a whole new round of jealousy for the old days (not the segregation part). I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it (but who hasn't?). So if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Recommendations! :)

     I'm almost done with To Kill a Mockingbird and I need book recommendations. I have a few ideas and I'm gonna write a list of some books I've thought of, but I prefer suggestions from others:

  •  The Wizard of Earthsea
  •  Oliver Twist
  •  Tom Sawyer
  •  Huckleberry Finn
  •  Gulliver's Travels
  •  Dracula
  •  Martian Chronicles
  •  Fahrenheit 451
  So please post!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Poem


There's always something better,
 There never is enough.
You wish you were someone else
 Someone who has that stuff.
 "Why can't we?" and "Why not?"
 Always seem to be the words
that get you where you want.
 Why do we live like this?
 Please don't ask me that.
It's what our nature is
 or at least some of us.
People or our ancestors never lived like this.
Why can't we be like them?
Trust me, I wish we could.
But when times change, we do too.
And that, my friend, we should.